Trula LaCalle

My art work reflects the unpredictable imagination of the human mind. Reality is different for everyone. Everything is relative to our own experiences and drives. Our perceptions are unique to ourselves.

For me, life arrives in unexpected forms, with whimsical—often magical—twists and turns. Some of my art reflects pieces of recognizable realism, but most of my art contains forms that arrive solely from my impressions of the serendipity of life. I seldom paint what I see in front of me at the moment. I let my imagination roam until the gestures of my paint brush express the feeling behind only the memories of life objects and so, the interpretation is ultimately only my own. At times, pure emotion arises and gives cause to complete abstraction, devoid of easily recognizable anchors in reality. When my subject–whether in visual art or writing– becomes too wild for me, I tend to “ground” myself.  In my paintings, I integrate a representational subject or add geometric forms over free-flowing designs. In my writing, my adventurous characters pull back long enough to take stock.


My native way of learning is by doing. Trial and error teach me well. Nothing is more enjoyable to me than experimenting with all the versatility of acrylics and the mediums that go with them. 

My paintings have been exhibited at the Occidental Center for the Arts, the Sebastopol Center for the Arts, the Graton Gallery, the Russian River Gallery, the Chroma Gallery in Santa Rosa, the Sebastopol Apple Blossom Fair, the Harvest Fair, the Gravenstein Apple Fair, Sonoma Plaza: Art and Artisans, various businesses in Sebastopol and Healdsburg, in the homes and offices of those who have purchased my work, and, of course, in the homes of loving friends and family who appreciate my paintings and support my pursuit of art.

Visit my website to see more artwork and learn more about me.

Transcendant by Trula LaCalle
Sedona 12x12 by Trula LaCalle
Hint of October by Trula LaCalle