Sharon Modrick

Sharon Modrick

836 W. Spain St.  #8

Sonoma, CA  95476


All my life whenever I would see art that I liked I would say to myself “some day I’m going to be able to do that.”  That didn’t start to become a reality until my forties, when I took a half-day workshop on painting on silk with dyes.  At the end of the workshop the instructor asked me if I painted, and I said no, though I’d always thought that someday I would.  She said that watching me work she thought that I would really enjoy painting.  As I reflected on her comments later I asked myself what was stopping me, and decided that maybe “someday” was here.  I enrolled in a basic drawing course, and set myself on a path of turning ambition into reality.  I’ll always be grateful to that woman for being the catalyst for getting me started creating art.


I’ve become both a painter and a printmaker.  I enjoy exploring the strengths of each medium.  And I find that often working in one medium gives me insights and new ideas to investigate in another medium.


Painting allows me to play with unlimited subtleties and contrasts of color, and to use visual texture to depict my subjects.  Using brush and palette knife I am always challenged to capture the essence of the subject and mood which has caught my attention.


Printmaking gives me the opportunity to emphasize the graphic quality of my subjects.  Combining line, a rich variety of tones, and beautiful paper creates art with a unique feel.  I enjoy the continual exploration of the many techniques which can be combined in this medium.

Bodega Rocks by Sharon Modrick
Colorado Aspens by Sharon Modrick
Dusk by Sharon Modrick