Lynn Hennessy

Contemporary Fluid Paintings

Lynn Hennessy is a contemporary painter. She is a colorist who, after classical training in figurative work and painting en plein air, turned to the Color Field method for a more expressive mode. “The fluid motion of directly pouring the paint enables me to express myself using color and movement.”

“Pouring paint, or colors, together is similar to playing musical notes together in chords and rhythms. The visual color experience is in vibrations which we recognize intuitively as we do with musical melody.”

The work of the first Color Field painters, Helen Frankenthaler, Jackson Pollock, and Morris Louis was adventuresome for the era they were painting in as paint for pouring had not been developed. They had to create it for themselves. Today most paint companies make fluid paints.

“It is gratifying to create my own style of painting along with the visual language. I mix my own colors and invent imaginal content. I hope you enjoy these creations and feel free to contact me for further information.”

Turners Vision3 by Lynn Hennessy
Reveal by Lynn Henessy
Clarity, try3 by Lynn Hennessy