Lynda Martin

L.E. (Lynda), an award-winning artist of great curiosity and enthusiasm has spent a lifetime studying the lands and people around her.

She grew up on a South Dakota ranch, moving to Sonoma County in her teens. Motherhood and a career working with Developmentally Disabled friends have given her a special appreciation for all people and their diversity.

Lynda especially loves to paint farm workers, animals, harvest scenes and children. “They remind me that the simpler things in life are the sweetest,” she says.

She’s been involved in artistic / creative endeavors ranging from illustrating books, clothing design, and crafts to woodworking and tile setting.

In recent years, she has concentrated on drawing and painting, receiving numerous awards for her distinctive pastels.

Lynda has studied art at several colleges and with a number of professional artists and has appeared in several one woman and group shows as well as galleries. Her paintings hang in corporate offices and private homes throughout the US. She resides in Sonoma, CA with her husband Jack.

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Washday At Number 9 12x18 pastel
Five Friends 12x18 pastel
Albuquerque Dancer 18x12 dry pastel