Kathy Enedy

Nature has always fascinated me. I marvel at her moods and colors, her shadows and secrets, her elegance and beauty, her massiveness and intricacies.  I love being surrounded by nature; watching, listening, breathing and experiencing her. It fills my soul with spiritual stillness and serenity, yet also with excitement.

My art comes from an attempt to express these deep feelings rumbling around in my soul that Nature inspires in me. As I am caught by a scene or vignette while exploring Nature, I first capture it with my heart studying it to try to inscribe every nuance of light, color, shadow, interesting form and feeling into my brain. Next I capture it with my trusty cell phone camera. In my studio, I experiment with brushes and pigment (usually with acrylics and sometimes with water-miscible oils or watercolors) to realize my vision. Using a limited palette, I like to layer and blend colors, play warm colors against cool ones, and contrast darks against lights to get the effect most true to my experience. My style is classic and luminous with a bit of whimsy.

Visit my website www.KathEfineart.com to see more artwork and learn more about me.

Zinful Afternoon 16x20
Harbor Lights 30x40
Wisps of Paradise 30x30