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July 6, 2018

Our July meeting guest artist, Serena Hazard, lives and works in Santa Rosa as a mixed media artist.  Serena grew up in Maine and earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Maine College of Art (MECA).

She has participated in Art Trails and Open Studios over the years. Serena's work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions throughout Sonoma County and San Francisco.

Serena describes her process, "I am very physical with my work. Constructing, painting, sanding, scratching back through to reveal what was hidden, the story emerges with its own history in the layers. As a piece begins to  find its equilibrium in calm aliveness, my time is more contemplative. I am getting to know something I have never seen before and searching for the last gestures that will open it's door."

Serena considers herself a master gardener using tools that she has learned over the years to discover what keeps a piece alive. She cherishes and honors the mystery of the content of her work. Her process is a balance of using all the years of skill while recognizing the heart of the work. Serena cautions that by taking form to complete finish that sometimes the concrete world takes over and the mystery and ambiguity can be lost.

Serena has been working with joint compound as a tool for the last ten years. She likes that she can mix it with oil or acrylic or dirt to get the effects she wants. Serena works in layers and sands back sections to reveal a layer underneath while building layers in other areas of the piece. Serena reworks pieces that she feels haven't reached their true voice. Conversation is Serena's joy. She feels each of us has a voice that wants to come through. Serena enjoys adding her voice to the conversation.

Serena Hazard

Serena explaining layering technique

Serena describing her process for new piece

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