Dee Andreini

Dee Andreini’s “Dreamscapes” could be described as romance stories on canvas and her protagonist lover is the land around her. Loose, painterly brush strokes and lush color provide her stories’ passion; A blurring of edges give the paintings an ethereal, dreamlike quality, inviting the viewer into the experience.

Through her sensitive application and accomplished understanding of acrylic and oil mediums, she captures the softness of a waterfall, the spirit of trees, or the freedom of soaring birds as if seen in a dream.

Drawing and painting have been an integral part of her entire life. Born in San Francisco, and raised in a small town in beautiful Northern California, she has lived in and enjoyed nature’s wonders all her life.

Miss Andreini received her Fine Arts Degree at California State College of Sonoma where the emphasis was on self expression. She has continued her self expression and creativity enhanced by the many sites she has seen throughout Europe and the United States.

Anyone owning a painting with the Andreini signature is assured of a possession having the permanent qualities and values associated with the works of a renowned artist. If you would like to have the chance to meet Ms. Andreini and view her work in person, you are invited to become a member of her mailing list and/or visit her on-line calendar of upcoming events on her web site.

Wild and Free by Dee Andreini
Vineyard at Occidental Road
Alexander Valley by Dee Andreini