Jane Kiskaddon

I grew up in San Francisco, barely surviving the Hippie movement. I picked up a paintbrush in high

school, attended the SF Art Institute and have been painting ever since.


My two children and I made our home in Fairfax, CA. Once the kids flew the coop I bought an Airstream trailer and took it around the Western US gathering inspiration.

Recently I sold the Airstream and moved to beautiful Sonoma. It will be interesting to see how my artwork changes.

Dense rain forests, redwood forests and swamps are some of my favorite subjects to paint. I start with an idea and then let my creative process take over. Each painting is an adventure taking me to a place I’ve never been. There are many things I’ve learned along the way. Here are three of them...

Acrylic paint is wonderful stuff.

Black and yellow make green.

Creativity happens when you can concentrate and let go at the same time.

Comments that folks have made about my work:

“There’s some serious whimsy going on here.”

“Your paintings have a French, medieval, wanderlust sort of feel to them.”

“This is where Maxfield Parrish meets The Hobbit.”

I use a limited palette of heavy body Liquitex acrylic paint and my substrates are canvas and wood