VOMAA is an organization that exemplifies respectful cooperation, mutual encouragement, member volunteerism, sharing of resources, accessible art skills development, new opportunities, and a growing delivery of fine art to the greater community.


The Valley of the Moon Art Association has a 60-year history of success because our members pool together and step up when needed. Through our meetings and social events, we develop collegial relationships, experience fellowship and camaraderie, and build strong friendships. We care about each other's welfare and success.

We have been able to attract established artists who, in turn, attract other competent artists. We provide avenues for artists of all skill levels to advance their skills. We provide demonstrations by very professional artists. We hold art critiques, and we overcome the fear of producing poor work. We mentor less experienced artists to develop their technical skills and learn more about the art world.

For artists wishing to sell their work, VOMAA provides wonderful venues for sales. Our website makes it possible for every member to have an individual page to promote themselves. We have the ability to show three times a year in a prime location, The Sonoma Plaza. We also show at various wineries in the Valley of the Moon. These locations make it possible to have direct contact with the local public, sell to tourists, and meet art collectors and gallery owners. Through membership in our association, individual members have no need to obtain a business license, deal with adding taxes to the sales price, or set up credit card payment services. We provide those services in addition to show publicity. Participation in our shows is open to all members who have fulfilled their annual volunteer commitments. Entry fees are very reasonable; some artists partner to further reduce their costs. Artists retain 80% of the sales price.

We encourage members to participate on the Board of Directors as a way to learn more about our association, how nonprofits work, and where we can make a positive impact on our community. As a public benefit nonprofit -- a 501 C (3) -- we annually donate to the community and art education for youth. We also donate to the Boy Scouts when they assist us at our art shows.

Thank you notes from Creekside High School and Sonoma Valley High School